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Left Create a character matrix that can be used to build an interactive key or a phylogenetic tree
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We are working on adding more features to the characters project, for example the generating of interactive keys and phylogenetic analyses from the data.


Our data matrix editor allows you to build a database of characters suitable for phylogenetic analysis, identification keys or tables of numeric or textural descriptions. Currently you can export controlled characters into SDD format and DNA characters into NEXUS format. Subsequent work on the editor will support the import and export of data in various formats for phylogenetic analysis, key construction and character lists and data sets formatted for publication.



Enabling the Character editor module

  1. From the administrative menu bar go to Structure > Tools
  2. Find the Scratchpad Tools section and turn the Character editor on
  3. Click Save

Creating a new Character project

  1. Click Content in the Admin menu and then on the <Add> link for Character project. Give your project a title and a brief description. Under TAXONOMIC NAME, select the taxa you would like to include in your project. If you have many taxa it will be easier to select taxa at the next stage
  2. Click Save
You are now viewing your new character project page but since there are no characters as yet you only see the taxonomic names.
Character project: Edit mode
  1. To continue creating your character project click on the Edit tab. At the bottom of the matrix box there are several links

Characters have to belong to a group, so we start by adding a new group

  1. Click on the Add group link at the bottom of the matrix box and enter the name of the group in the LABEL field. You can add an image and a description if needed
  2. Click Save

The group will only show after we have added a character to the group. To do this:

  1. Click on the Add controlled characters icon at the bottom
  2. Enter a label, select the group you just created and a couple character states
  3. Click Save
  4. After refreshing the page, the new character as well as the group will show in the matrix. Because of space issues, the character name is only shown as a number. Hover over this number with the mouse to view its name and the character states
  5. Add a text, numeric and DNA character each
  6. Click into the empty matrix field to enter data
  7. Click on the View tab to show the matrix. Users can export the data in XML format via the export icon in the lower right corner
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