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A non exhaustive list of pages to be created

  1. Managing front page Blocks
  2. Managing comments
    1. Comment notifications
  3. Analytical services
    1. OBOE services
  4. Managing and adding Blocks
  5. Managing fields in Content types
  6. Managing file type fields
    1. Displaying Lucid keys in pages (Lucid applet) Lucid Keys created on 19/06/2013
  7. Creating and managing Scratchpads events
  8. Using forums
    1. Using forum email
  9. Handling image metadata
    1. EXIF custom mapping
  10. Creating and sending Newsletters (including default newsletters, see #1123)
  11. Tagging content using the Lexicon
  12. Using pretty URLs Basic page for Enable Pretty URLs created on 30/05/2013
  13. Using Rules
  14. Share-this functionality
  15. Creating and managing Views
  16. Managing Bibliographies
    1. Managing Reference Authors
      1. Linking and merging author names
      2. Reformatting author names
    2. Adding biblio nodes through CrossRef/doi, NCBI and RefBank
    3. Managing bibliographic keywords
    4. Mapping bibliographic fields to common reference file formats
  17. Editing Terms and Conditions for new user registrations
  18. Locating files in scratchpads
  19. Using colorbox in pages and managing display fields (#2798)
  20. Changing the allowed file extensions
  21. Putting site in maintenance mode
  22. Creating RSS feeds
  23. Configuring vocabularies
  24. Using this wiki
  25. Hide fields in spm (#911)
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